Dwelling Word Prayer Centre

Prayer is very important in our daily life. Jesus command us to pray without ceasing and the bible also talks about where two or there are met together in His name, He is in their mist. Dwelling word believes in the power of prayer that is able to change things.

Whatever your prayer request might be don't hesitate to join any of our platforms, or to connect with us to us today to pray with you.

Steps to Connect and Join

Join through Phone Call

You can join-in anywhere in North America, through our toll free phone conference during any of our prayer sections.

Steps to join our conference phone in:

1) Dial +1 587 405 1252

2) Enter Access Code: 8045770

3) Say your Name and Join Conference

Join through Social Media

Join us through any of our social media platform for live feed during live broadcast. Alternatively you can subscribe to get updated and notifications whenever we are live

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Join through Live Radio

To dwell daily in the presence of God takes constant effort by surrounding yourself with songs of edification, and worship. As internet cost much in some regions are not cost effective, we have Dwelling Word Radio channel not only to dwell in the presence of God but also to be able to afford internet cost and minimize destruction with our worship songs whilst you listen.

Listen through any of our partners:

Zeno Media


Install Google play app

Amazon Alexa: Say "Hey Alexa play Dwelling Word Radio"

Prayer Request

Whatever your prayer request might be, our prayer warriors does not only pray for you but we do pray with you standing hand in hand, rubbing shoulders together.

Connect with us today to pray with you with any of your prayer needs

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