Putting smile on a child's face

Footage of Countryside Children's Welfare Home celebrating during donation from our sponsors

Dwelling Word Ministry accepts that it is the right of each and every child on the planet to get care from their parents, yet sadly, there are the individuals who surfer from misuse, relinquishment, illnesses and even some passing.

As orphanage houses are set up to assist these neglected kids, this centres depends on us for the necessary help from people in general through monetary and moral help.

It is our obligation to assist with these impeded kids to have the option to get into society with the restoration and renewal given by these reception communities.

You and I can do our part through little commitment which can go quite far to ease a lot of weight from these shelter communities

Immediate needs:

  1. Support to revamp a self help projects at the orphanage

  2. Non perishable food items, clothing, footwear and other household items

  3. First aid medication like de-warmers, dressing plasters and bandages, multivitamins etc

  4. Financial support to pay bills

  5. Office equipment like computers, printers, and stationary

  6. Teaching and learning materials for the orphanage school

  7. Computers for ICT lessons, school furniture's, toys and a school bus

  8. Roofing sheets paint and netting's for maintenance works

  9. Building materials to fence wall and gate projects.

Hope you get involve to help. Unity is strength. Contact us now for more

Please note: There has been instances were donated funds sent to orphanage homes were misappropriated by administrators, among some that doesn't even exist. So I the overseer of Dwelling Word Ministry always do my best to establish a good relations with these homes before I hand funds over. This may include but not limited to visiting such homes myself to establish a good grounds of qualification or true trusted representative and or request the children's needs and do shopping for them directly _eric donkor.