About us

Dwelling Word Ministry is an online platform which aim at reaching out to homes with the word of God, to believers in Christ who wants to dig more into the word of God and stay in the spirit while at home and Non-believers who are seeking a new life of faith or beginning a journey in religious faith or wants spiritual growth through Bible Teachings, Words of Encouragement, Prayers, Worship and Sharing of Testimonies.

Leaders of Dwelling Word Ministry focuses and believes in Jehovah God, The Almighty Father of the Bible who is our Creator, the Doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ who brought the grace and salvation to all humankind and the sweet fellowship and the baptism of the Holy Ghost., which means every word of message, teachings and testimonies are all based on the Bible. Dwelling Word Ministry aims at having every one grow spiritually, and believe that human do not only live to develop its flesh and blood but also are backed with an unseen powers which is our Spiritual being and needs to develop it also to receive a well full balance as human.

Dwelling Word Ministry is not a church or has a physical place of meeting. our platform or ways of reaching out is through the online world.

If you are a new believer and need a bible believing church to worship and fellowship with one another, leaders of Dwelling Word Ministry would be glad in coaching you to the right path.

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